About Us

With over 19 years of experience in our field, we provide the highest quality services.

Our products are designed for saving your life against fire, earthquake, terrorist attack and any kind of emergency evacuation.

The First Escape works on emergency exits, fire evacuation and self-rescue equipment. We also work on life-saving products. We live in the 21st century where natural disasters are ubiquitous. Our goal is to save your life with safety products. The increase of these disasters makes us beware of the dangers and prepare in advance by using these life-saving products.

As you know, fire is a good slave and a bad master. The recent fires in Winter Cherry Mall in Russia, Grenfell Tower in London, Kamala Mills in Mumbai and Surat Coaching Center etc are clear examples of disregard for fire safety norms, due to which many people have lost their lives. Every day there are new fire cases in the news. Many incidents of fire in India have also been registered in the National Crime Records Bureau. Many of these accidents or deaths could have been prevented. We are here to save the lives of residents in a time of emergency when the brain stops working momentarily. Safety is one of the priorities in our lives.

Why Choose Us

  • Lifetime Service Partners.
  • We Value Our Promises with Safety.
  • Our Credentials Are Our Satisfied Clients.
  • Educate To Self Rescue In Emergency Time.
  • Experience of 19+ Years In Safety & Security.
  • No Force Sell – We Guide and Provide Choice.
  • Wide Range of Public / Personal Safety Products.
  • Install 120+, 13.5 KMs & 3350 Floors of Fire Escape Chute.
  • Experience with Fire Escape Chute Is Second To No One In India
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Future Plan

  • Successful Track Record.
  • Focus On Customer Needs.
  • Protecting The Environment & Life.
  • We Are Constantly Working To Save Your Life.
  • Our Mission Is Protecting The Life In Any Condition.
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