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Fire Escape Chute


Single Entry Escape Chutes

The Single Entry Chute is a system that has been designed for Individual Offices, Homes or Building which do not have a vacant duct or shaft.  The Single Entry Chute can be installed on any convenient Window, Gallery or Terrace.

The single escape chute is recommended for installation on exterior window, balcony, rooftop or similar at new or existing buildings. It best serves occupants of that particular floor. This chute is designed in 3 layers, the outer layer protects the chute against flames and heat, the middle layer provides a speed restraining effect and the inner layer supports the whole weight of chute. This 3-way protection protects the evacuees once inside the chute from fire, heat, and smoke during the evacuation. Available in a maximum length of 200 Meter.

Example of application areas: building, ships, dumpers and wind turbines.

This is also an ideal solution for providing an Evacuation System for Existing Buildings where a duct is not available and a Evacuation system is found to be necessary.  The Chute could be installed quite easily on the existing Refuge Floors to provide an Evacuation Path in case of an escalation of the Emergency Situation or for the Evacuation of an Injured, Elderly, Physically Handicapped or Unconscious person.

Multi-Entry Escape Chutes

Multi Entry Chutes are designed specifically for Medium to High Rise Buildings for immediate and quick access to the Chute in case of any emergencies.

The Evacuees can Enter the Mutli-Entry Chute from every floor of the building and reach the ground safely and quickly.

This multiple escape chute system is installed inside a protected vertical shaft enclosure that is constructed in accordance to local fire code that provides protection from fire effects for evacuees so that it can be used safely for egress. This interior chute is constructed of 2 layers, the outer layer provides a speed restraining effect and the inner layer supports the whole weight of chute. The chute is installed in the segment at each floor level inside the fire-protected shaft, one segment of chute per floor, from the highest floor to the ground floor on the same vertical line. One chute serves many floors and occupants can gain access to the chute at each floor.

However, a separate Duct or Shaft is required for the Multi-Entry Chute. The Shaft Size for a building upto 10 Floors is 4ft x 4 ft. For taller buildings, however, the shaft size required is 4ft x 8ft. Hence it is usually necessary to plan the duct at the time of designing the building.

Mobile / Portable Escape Chutes

Mobile / Portable Chutes have been designed specifically for Private or Government operated Fire Rescue Departments.  The Mobile Chute can be fitted on the Aerial Rescue Platforms which are used to evacuate people trapped inside burning buildings.

These platforms have a load bearing capacity of only about 3-4 persons. Hence if a large number of people need to be rescued then the Platform has to be raised and lowered a number of times before everyone can be evacuated.  This is time consuming and could prove to be fatal to people who cannot be evacuated in time.

With the Mobile Chute however, this process can be speeded up to a phenomenal extent. By attaching the Chute on the side of the platform, all persons may be evacuated in a single trip. This is because the evacuees can then be lowered to the ground through the chute without requiring the platform to descend.  The chute also allows the evacuation of the injured, elderly and the unconscious.

This escape chutes can be fitted to fire department aerial ladders and snorkel platforms and this will increase the rate at which evacuees can be evacuated from a high rise building, thus reducing the risk exposure of the fireman. The movable/portable chute has become standard rescue equipment used by fire bridges worldwide for high rise rescue operations. With additional equipment the portable platform can also be mounted on the parapet of the balcony and window. This chute is designed in three layers, the outer layer is fire resistant and protects the chute against flames, the middle layer provides a speed restraining effect and the inner layer supports the entire weight of chute. This three way protection protects the evacuees once inside the chute from flame, heat and smoke during rescue operation. The longest one in use is 61m on Bronto Skylift.

Fire, Earthquake & Terror Attack

Day-to-day buildings are becoming taller and taller, Fire Safety, Disaster Management and Building Evacuation are issues which are more important than ever before. Most of the new Sky-scrapers coming up have been designed with the latest fire detection and fire fighting systems. However, it is perhaps even more important to have an efficient Evacuation System in place to get all the occupants out of the building and out of harm’s way in case the situation escalates beyond control. This is a matter which has to be addressed very seriously and the occupants and Property Managers of such tall buildings must also be made aware of the Evacuation System and the procedures for evacuating the building and getting everyone away from the danger.

Problems Faced During Evacuation

The problems of handling an emergency situation and evacuating a building get magnified many fold as the building gets taller and taller.

In case of a fire, the power supply is disconnected immediately, thus not allowing the elevators to be used. This therefore necessitates the use of the staircases. The problems associated with this are as follows

Elderly and physically challenged occupants would find it difficult to climb down 10-15 storeys and also take them a long time. Their pace would be slow, causing others behind them to push against them. This might cause them to lose balance and fall, further causing them possibly serious injuries.

Incase of people with small children, the kids would have to be carried and coming down from such great heights would definitely be tiring and dangerous.

The staircases could get blocked by fire or smoke causing panic and stampedes on the staircase which could endanger the lives of the evacuees.

The use of the staircases by the occupants would block or delay the Fire Brigade personnel from reaching the fire, thus causing the fire to escalate.

The fire engines might not be able to reach the building incase the building does not have proper access.

We at The First Escape have realized the seriousness of this problem and have on offer several products which could provide solutions to each and every one of the problems mentioned above.

The Fire Escape Chute is an emergency evacuation system which provides a fast and safe method for evacuating multi- storey building in case of an emergency arising from fire, earthquake or terrorist attacks.

In the case of towering sky-scrapers this system is often the only difference between life & death.

The Fire Escape Chute is a means of emergency exit that permits rapid, mass evacuation from high rise structures during life threatening emergencies. It is designed to provide a relatively safe and quick method of vertical escape and it is always accessible and ready for use.

Some of the important characteristics features of the Fire Escape Chute are:

  • No power source is required.
  • Protects evacuees from fire effects.
  • Requires little or no instruction for use.
  • Can transport a continuous flow of evacuees.
  • Always available for immediate use, quick and easy to deploy.
  • Requires little physical exertion in using the device to descend.
  • Users have the ability to control the speed of one’s own descent.
  • Allows external means to control the speed of one’s descent to ground level.
  • Suitable for all ages and physical conditions of evacuees, including physically impaired and unconscious people.

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