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The First Escape is working on Emergency Exit, Fire Evacuation and Self-Rescue Equipments. Moreover, we also work on Life Saving Products. We are living in 21st century in which these natural disaster exploits are live. Our goal is to save your life with safety hazard products. The Augment of these disaster are making us beware of hazards before hand and prepare well in advance by utilizing these life saving products.
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As you know that Fire is Good Slave & Bad Master. Recently, the blaze of fire in Winter Cherry Mall, Russia, Grenfell Tower, London, Kamala Mills, Mumbai & Surat Coaching Center are clear instances of flouting the fire safety norms, Due to which many people have lost their lives. Fire incident is in bulletin everyday. As per National Crime Records Bureau, 18,450 cases of fire incidents reported in India as on 2015. Many of these accidents or casualties could have been prevented.
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