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WE ARE HERE TO SAVE YOUR LIFE” is the first fire safety which is designed for saving your life against Fire, Earthquake, Terror Attack & any kind of Emergency Evcauate. The First Escape is working on Emergency Exit, Fire Evacuation and Self-Rescue Equipments. Moreover, we also work on Life Saving Products.

We are living in 21st century in which these natural disaster exploits are live. Our goal is to save your life with safety hazard products .The Augment of these disaster are making us beware of hazards before hand and prepare well in advance by utilizing these life saving products.

As you know that Fire is Good Slave & Bad Master. Recently, the blaze of fire in Winter Cherry Mall, Russia, Grenfell Tower, London, Kamala Mills, Mumbai & Surat Coaching Center are clear instances of flouting the fire safety norms, Due to which many people have lost their lives. Fire incident is in bulletin everyday. As per National Crime Records Bureau, 18,450 cases of fire incidents reported in India as on 2015. Many of these accidents or casualties could have been prevented.

Now, we are here to save your life of occupants in an emergency time when the brain stops workings momentarily. Safety is one of the priority of our life.

Life Saving Products

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  • Educate To Self Rescue In Emergency Time.
  • Experience of 13+ Years In Safety & Security.
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  • Wide Range of Public / Personal Safety Products.
  • Installed 90+, 8.5 KMs & 2800 Floors of Escape Chute
  • Experience with Fire Chutes Is Second To No One In India
  • Successful Track Record.
  • Focus On Customer Needs.
  • Protecting The Environment & Life.
  • We Are Constantly Working To Save Your Life
  • Our Mission Is Protecting The Life In Any Condition.

Emergency situation at a multi-story building. Escape via the (emergency) staircase is possible, at least as long as heat and smoke are kept out. Suffocation by smoke in particular causes many fatalities. Trying to get away via the roof and wait there for a helicopter to arrive is another option. But when a helicopter comes close, the rotor blades act like a huge fan kindling the fire. Yet another option is to wait for the Fire Department to arrive with their ladder truck or sky-lift, but these vehicles also have their limitations: evacuating large numbers of people in a short time is not possible. Is this the end? Fortunately not, because more than 30 people per minute can be evacuated with the “Escape Chute”.

The Personal Safety Solution for today’s mobile lifestyle.
Safer Anywhere, Anytime.
Wearsafe turns your smartwatch or Wearsafe Tag into a modern-day, mobile panic button that gets you the right help, right away.
Making a phone call in a tough situation is harder than you think. At the first sign of trouble, press a discreet wearable bluetooth device and Wearsafe will use the power of your smartphone to instantly send trusted friends and family an alert with all the information they need to quickly coordinate help.

Life Saving Products

Escape Chute

This is also an ideal solution for providing an Evacuation System for Existing Buildings where a duct is not available and a Evacuation system is found to be necessary.  The Chute could be installed quite easily on the existing Refuge Floors to provide an Evacuation Path in case of an escalation of the Emergency Situation or for the Evacuation

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Self Rescue System

Self Rescue System is a relatively safe, simple, low cost self-escape “Controlled Descent Device” that functions as an alternative means of emergency escape when needed. The portability and flexibility of Self Rescue System provides an efficient and cost effective strategy to create multiple “Escape Stations” at strategic locations in the building.

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Safety Air Cushion

The Safety Air Cushion complete set offers a realistic and efficient solution for emergent rescues such as Big fires, terrorism attacks etc. It was studied and produced in cooperation with market leaders in the field of ventilation and plastics using certified raw material and ISO 9001:2000 quality control system. The safety air cushion set is the result

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Wearsafe Tag

Wearsafe is an instant call for help that makes it simple to reach the people you trust. Without needing to unlock and dial your phone, Wearsafe enables your friends and family to hear what’s happening, see where you are, and quickly coordinate to get you the right help, right away. With Wearsafe, looking out for each other just got a lot easier.

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