The Single Entry Chute is a system that has been designed for Individual Offices, Homes or Building which do not have a vacant duct or shaft. The Single Entry Chute can be installed on any convenient Window, Gallery or Terrace.

The single escape chute is recommended for installation on exterior window, balcony, rooftop or similar at new or existing buildings. It best serves occupants of that particular floor. This chute is designed in 3 layers, the outer layer protects the chute against flames and heat, the middle layer provides a speed restraining effect and the inner layer supports the whole weight of chute. This 3-way protection protects the evacuees once inside the chute from fire, heat, and smoke during evacuation. Available in a maximum length of 200 Meter.

Example of application areas: building, ships, dumpers and wind turbines.

This is also an ideal solution for providing an Evacuation System for Existing Buildings where a duct is not available and a Evacuation system is found to be necessary. The Chute could be installed quite easily on the existing Refuge Floors to provide an Evacuation Path in case of an escalation of the Emergency Situation or for the Evacuation of an Injured, Elderly, Physically Handicapped or Unconscious person.

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