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About us

Welcome To The First Escape

We would like to introduce our company “The First Escape” under the tagline “We are here to Save Your Life”. We are working on Emergency Exit, Fire Evacuation and Self-Rescue Equipments. Basically, we are into Life Saving Products.

Day by day, we are being victim of some incidents, because we are exploiting the Nature. According to our Tagline, We believe that if we save someone’s life with our Life Saving System, then we have achieved our goal.

We have seen a lot of Fire incidents in our life & we must learn from them and this type of happening is increasing day by day. As you know that Fire is Good Slave & Bad Master. Recently, the blaze of Winter Cherry Mall, Russia, Grenfell Tower, London & Fire at Kamala Mills, Mumbai are clear examples, of flouting the fire safety norms. Because of which so many people have lost their lives. Fire incident is every day’s in news. As per National Crime Records Bureau, 18,450 cases of fire incidents reported in India as on 2015. Many of these accidents or causalities could have been prevented.

Now, we are trying to save life of occupants in an emergency time when the brain stops workings momentarily. Safety is one of the primary necessities of our life.


  • Liftime Service Partners.
  • We Value Our Promises with Safety.
  • Our Credentials Are Our Satisfied Clients.
  • Educate To Self Rescue In Emergency Time.
  • Experience of 13+ Years In Safety & Security.
  • No Force Sell – We Guide and Provide Choice.
  • Wide Range of Public / Personal Safety Products.
  • Install 90+, 8.5 KMs & 2800 Floors of Escape Chute.
  • Experience with Fire Chutes Is Second To No One In India
  • Successful Track Record.
  • Focus On Customer Needs.
  • Protecting The Environment & Life.
  • We Are Constantly Working To Save Your Life.
  • Our Mission Is Protecting The Life In Any Condition.


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